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Thursday, October 12, 2023 by Joycellyn Akuffo | Policies

Geek School Tutoring: Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Geek School Tutoring! Before we embark on a rewarding educational journey together, it’s crucial for all parties to understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions outlined below. These terms are designed to ensure a smooth, predictable, and mutually beneficial arrangement between Geek School Tutoring, students, and their parents or guardians.


  • Tuition services are continuous, and enrollment is assumed to be ongoing unless a written notification of termination or pause is provided.
  • Parents are required to pay for scheduled lessons until the point of notification, even in cases of student absenteeism.

Cancellation of Lessons

1. Online Lessons

  • Group Sessions:
    • Group sessions are booked monthly, with set and agreed-upon dates.
    • No makeup, refunds, or partial refunds for cancellations, as schedules are fixed.
    • Rescheduling and refunds are only allowed if Geek School Tutoring initiates the cancellation.

  • One-to-One Tuition:
    • A 24-hour notice is required to cancel or change lessons.
    • While short-notice cancellations are honoured, refunds are not provided. Unpaid missed sessions will be billed.

2. In-Centre Lessons (Beckenham & Catford)

  • Group Sessions:

    • Policies for in-centre group sessions mirror those of online group sessions.
    • No allowances for cancellations notified under 24 hours unless initiated by Geek School Tutoring.
  • One-to-One Tuition:

    • The cancellation policies for in-centre one-to-one tuition mirror those of online one-to-one tuition.

Termination of Lessons

  • Mid-Month Termination: Payment for the remainder of the month is due if not already settled.
  • End-Month Termination: No notice or additional payment is needed for lessons terminated at month’s end.

Operational Period

  • Group sessions are conducted during term time over a 40-week year, ending on the last calendar day of July (unless it’s a Sunday). August lessons are optional.

Payment Policies

  • Monthly fees are due on the first of each month.
  • For childcare voucher payments, begin processing a week early. Provide a payment screenshot to the Geek School WhatsApp for reconciliation.

  • Use the online portal for payments, due by midnight on the first of each month.

Fees for School Holiday Group Sessions

  • Monthly fees remain constant each month with no adjustment for holidays. The shortfall is met with the extra lessons during longer months, which cover shortfalls during holiday months.

  • Mid-year enrollees receive extra classes as needed, with no fee adjustment. Please contact us to arrange this. 

One-to-One Lessons During School Holidays

  • Adjustments for holiday breaks require advance notice for session and fee modifications. 

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